Brilliant Voice® - always close at hand

Brilliant Moments is our name for those opportunities to share some personal time together in a relaxed atmosphere after the day's work is done. A chance to get to know the real people behind the jobs. We believe that what makes Brilliant Voice® so special is our commitment to maintaining close contacts and open communications across the media business - including in a more private setting and context.

Our Jour Fixe has become a "Save the date" occasion for many voice artists, producers and clients in Berlin, Cologne, Munich and Hamburg. And you can also meet us in person at workshops - such as our price list training - and cultural events. And everyone is invited to just drop by our office in Berlin-Kreuzberg for a cup of coffee and a cozy chat. Your "Brillis" are always here for you.

Neue Agenturräume: Brilliant Voice® feiert Eröffnung in der Kreuzberger Großbeerenstraße

Am Freitag hat das Brilliant Voice® - Team seine neuen Agenturräume in der Großbeerenstraße 83 eingeweiht. Zu dem besonderen Jour Fixe kamen über 50 Gäste: Sprecher, Studios, Schauspieler, Kunden und Nachbarn feierten bis tief in die Nacht. Für eine musikalische Weltreise sorgte Fiedel Castor (Helene Pfeiffer und Jens Ohrenblicker).
Das neue Büro ist gleich um die Ecke vom alten Standort in Kreuzberg - nächste U-Bahn-Station: Möckernbrücke.