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Always find the right rate for up-to-date planning with the Brilliant Voice® TariffFinder

Use the TariffFinder to search voice artist fees in the following areas:

KL = radio (classic radio stations)
OA = online audio (Internet)
KG = convergent (radio and Internet)
TV = various television channels
TVE = individual TV channel allocation (TV-Einzelsender-Liste)

Simply enter the station, broadcast area or station combination and off you go. The value indicated is the "from" value. The price changes depending on the index.

Attention: Special prices are possible if a spot is intended only for a fraction of the broadcast area, for which it makes sense, or if the spot can only be broadcast in its entirety because the broadcaster cannot split its programming and advertising blocks by frequency.

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Sources: Planning data WuV Funkanalyse Bayern

The Brilliant Voice® prices 5.0 are valid from May 1, 2021 (entries from 02.2021). To make the transition easier for you with your customers, there is a grace period until July 31, 2021. Until then, we will still grant the old prices for recurring bookings upon request. These are grayed out in the search results.