Brilliant Voice®: More than merely booking a voice artist

It's simple and easy to work with Brilliant Voice®: We provide full-service support for every aspect of voicing, from casting to the finished recording.

Here's an overview of the most important services we offer:

  • individual voice artist casting, including audio demos
  • booking of German and international native voice artists
  • preparation of bids, calculations and cost quotes
  • studio booking and disposition for recording sessions
  • artist direction opportunity for you and your client during recording
  • audio editing and postproduction, including final mixing
  • proofreading and correction of spoken texts
  • translation and copy editing
  • booking of on- and off-screen presenters, actors and singers

And Brilliant Voice® has no hidden costs! We pride ourselves on being transparent, open and fair.

Each project is handled individually and we are always ready to share our experienced advice with you.
Simply email all the details to us or use our interactive tools:

Brilliant Voice® Speaker Search
Brilliant Voice® FunkTarifFinder
Brilliant Voice® Price List

With just a click, you can create casting and reminder lists in our Voice Artist Search function and send these to yourself, your client or Brilliant Voice®.
You can download individual audio demos directly from the profiles.
The Brilliant Voice® FunkTarifFinder, our tool for finding radio rates, and Brilliant Voice® Price List provide you with the most common voice artist fees for the segments: TV, radio or Internet advertising, image films, eLearning, how-to videos, POS, industrial and product description films – and many more. Information on diverse active/passive usage rates, audience reach and a variety of applications are also simply and clearly structured here.