What makes Brilliant Voice® different from voice artist agencies?

In most cases, voice artist agencies are recording studios with a fairly restricted pool of voice artists. They earn most of their money from audio recording services and charge their customers service fees, or require commissions for other expenses. It is not uncommon for voice artists to pay an additional commission, as well. At Brilliant Voice® such services are free of charge to you.
We like to compare ourselves to actors' agencies: We manage our voice artists, which means that in addition to negotiating working arrangements and terms, they also make use of other Brilliant Voice® services that are paid for out of a commission based on the voice artist's fee.

There are also online platforms that act as voice artist agencies. In these cases, voice artists pay membership fees to be listed, but without being actively represented. Such platforms provide few, if any, genuine value-adding services. We at Brilliant Voice®, on the other hand, consider ourselves to be a full-service provider to whom clients and voice artists alike can delegate all organizational and administrative tasks.