Support bundles

Brilliant Voice® management support bundles – indivually tailored

Your voice is unique. And so are our voice artist management services, too.

With our Brilliant Voice® management support bundles, we have developed a model that adapts to fit your needs - based on over 20 years of professional media experience.

Less stress? More time for you to concentrate on your work? Possibly create a new image?
The purpose of Brilliant Voice® is to relieve you of extraneous tasks and allow you to focus on voicing.
As a Brilliant Voice® you decide which of our three management support bundles offers the ideal support solution you want.

Brilliant Voice® basic is our basic bundle - simply brilliant services without any fixed costs.
As options, you can also book additional consultations and services.

If you are interested in learning more about our other support bundles Brilliant Voice® fix and Brilliant Voice® flexible, which offer more of an individual management focus, please contact us.
You're not yet a Brilliant Voice®, but are looking for comprehensive management support? Then, your first step is to register with us. Here you can learn more about our application process.

In order to guarantee brilliance, we only offer our services to a limited pool of selected voice artists.
Here's an overview on our service spectrum:

Brilliant Voice® management support bundles