Fees for voice artists seem rather expensive for the effort involved

Occasionally, the question is raised why, for example, a relatively high voice artist fee is charged for a single word or sentence. Naturally, it's impossible to compare spoken words with a physical product you can buy and actually hold in your hand. However, by presenting his or her voice, you are also purchasing the voice artist's most individual and personal usage rights; permission to use his or her personality in connection with your product or service. The image, consumer awareness and ultimately the success of a product or a brand can potentially be significantly influenced by the voice artist's personality for many years. So you are not merely buying a recorded audio file.
Furthermore, a voice artist's personal engagement also includes continuous training and ongoing education, the talent and ability to design and present an easily understandable and thoroughly convincing text quickly and reliably, as well as an excellent knowledge of pronunciation in addition to much more that contributes to the effectiveness and success of your project.