Must I pay an agency commission on top?

No. For our services, the voice artists engage and compensate us. We are engaged and paid directly by the voice artist for our services. The voice artist benefits from our efforts that make his or her work faster and easier. We relieve voice artists of managerial and organizational chores to make more bookings possible in less time, we handle all accounting requirements automatically and perform many more administrative tasks to allow our voice artists to concentrate exclusively on their work.

For our part, special handling costs only accrue for activities we undertake specifically on your behalf: Do you require a single total invoice in the name of Brilliant Voice® instead of in the names of the voice artists or studios? Then the customary 15% commission will be added. Why? Because, we too bear an entrepreneurial risk. However, this frees you from having to bother with legalities such as voice artists' social security insurance, concerns about permanent employment or paying any withholding tax, because Brilliant Voice® is incorporated as the legal entity GmbH & Co. KG under German law.