• Highest Quality – based on years of experience.

    Highest Quality – based on years of experience.

    The Brilliant Voice®  team is made up of particularly accomplished voice artists, audio engineers, producers, media specialists and text editors.  That’s the reason why we understand the requirements of our clients and voice artists so well – and can therefore react so professionally and quickly to meet your needs. We know all of our voice artists personally and work closely together with them, which means that we know exactly where their strengths lie. The result is that we can recommend the ideal person to fit your purpose.

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  • 4 bis 94 Jahre


Lène Calvez

Audio demos

General information

  • Vocal register:
  • Vocal age:
    24 bis 59 Jahre
  • Accents:
  • Languages:
    French: Native
    German: fluent
    Englisch – neutral: fluent
  • Region:
  • Gender:
  • Résumé:
    Geboren in einem pariser Vorort
    01/08 bis heuteSprecherin
    01/04 bis heuteDozentin für Film & Fernseh in private Instituten und Privatschulen, z.Zeit bei L4
    01/87 bis heuteKünstlerin
    Künstlername Bilbo Calvez
    01/85 bis heuteSchauspielerin, Off-Theater, TV und Film
    09/92 bis 08/93 Schauspielschule in der Theaterschule Friedrichstraße 125 in Berlin
    Stimmlehrerin: Frau Hosfeld
    08/80 bis 08/85 -> BACCALAUEAT C, Mathematik in Créteil
    -> DEUG de B.O.P. (Biologie des Organismes et des Populations)
    -> LICENCE de B.O.P.
    -> MAITRISE de B.O.P. , Wahlfach Film
    Jussieu, Paris VII
    09/81 bis 10/85 In PARIS:
    Mathematik Lehrerin
    Pantomime Artist in Montmartre
    Eigene Rundfunksendung


  • Translations:
    12/08 bis heuteTranskript und Übersetzungen von Interviews für Medea Film
  • Hosting / MC:
    04/13 bis 04/17 2013 bis heute.
    Interviewerin und Motivation Speakerin.
    Sendung: die Bärensuppe
    Sendung: SM wie Sozial Media

    "R+V Versicherung Preisverleihung in Paris" Moderation live (F), Stimmgerecht
  • Acting:

    2010 - "Morgenrot" von Oswaldo Medina Diaz
    Hauptrolle "Lola" (Französisch)

    2009 - "By night" von Juan Diaz. Stimme von "Camilles Schwester" (Englisch)

    2008 - "Diese Nacht" von Werner Schroetter.
    Stimme von "Clara Baldi" (Französisch)

    1996 - "Die Sumpfblüten" Musical von Dietmar Lenz / Theater Strahl, Hauptrolle: "Extacy" (Deutsch)
  • Voicing:
    Kino Synchron
    -->"Dschihad in der City", 2008 - Kinofilm von Peter Kosminsky.
    Rolle: "Laure" (Deutsch mit französischem Akzent)

    --> Mauritius, 2014, Red Bull (Französisch)
    Hörspiel Funk
    -->All inclusive, You FM
    Rolle: Mambo und Mama Brigitte (Deutsch & Französisch mit afrikanischem Akzent)
    Dokumentation TV Voiceover

    --> "Giftfrösche in Kolumbien" 2017 Frogs & Friends für den Zoo Zürich. Übersetzung und Voice Over.

    -->"Frieden und Sicherheit", 2009 - Marita Neher
    Rollen: Frauen und Kinder (Französisch)

    --> "Der Burma Feuerwerkfilm" 2013,
    Rollen: mehrere Frauen
    Image Film
    --> "PostConnect" Videodesign.ch
    --> "BOSCH, BPT S5 Hybrid" Rogge & Pott
    --> Villeroy & Boch (Französisch)
    --> Spinomed (Französisch)
    --> Maquet, Otesus 1160 (Französisch)
    --> Cartier, "Souvenirs d'avenir"
    --> Keuco (Französisch)
    --> Ovo (Französisch)
    Werbung Web / TV national:
    --> Parfum "Mourir pour Henri" (Französisch)
    --> MySound, Philips (Französisch)
    --> e-Darling Frankreich (Französisch)
    Funk regional
    -->Galeries Lafayette - Soldes extrêmes (Deutsch mit französischem Akzent)
    -->Hôtel Courtyard by Marriott Paris Arcueil (Französisch)
    --> Kleine Seele, Große Gefahr (Französisch)
    --> WhoGetsWhat, Dwier & Strobel (Französisch)
    e-Learning und Webpräsentationen / DVDs

    --> News2Go#1 „Speed Cem Plus / Drive & Learn“

    --> "Jeûne Buchinger Wilhelmi" Überlingen

    --> S.A.P. Frankreich
    >> BTS Webcast / Ann Taylor
    >> Crystal Report Solution
    >> Business Object Explorer

    --> Bayer Health Care (Französisch)

    --> Meditation & Yoga (DVDs)
    >> Yoga für junge Mutter
    >> Relax & Restore
    >> AM & PM Yoga
    09/10 bis heuteWerbesendungen Synchron:
    --> "Spa Caldera" Watkins Belgium

    --> LIDL diverse Produktfilme (Französisch)
    >> Haarglätter Silver Crest
    >> Espressomaschine
    >> Bügeleisen SilverCrest
    >> Das SilverCrest Zimtwaffel-Eisen und das SilverCrest Belgische Waffel-Eisen.
    >> Motorradunterwäsche Natural Evolution
    >> SilverCrest Nähmaschine

    --> Effi Cent (Französisch)


  • Calendar:
     gebucht / nicht buchbar


  • Price list:

    Brilliant Voice® 2017 Voice Artist Price List

    valid Feburary 1, 2017

    Version 1.1 - January 16th, 2017

    Download Pricelists


    Diversity benefits all of humanity. For this reason, we strive to value and treat all people equally, regardless of race, religion, gender or national origin. To improve readability, however, this text avoids using male / female / gender-neutral pronouns, in an effort to address individuals of every identity in an unbiased manner.

    This price list reflects the most common prices set by many of our voice artists and service providers. It is based on many years of experience in the industry and is the product of continuous develop. In many cases it is oriented on prices recommended by the Verband Deutscher Sprecher e.V. (VDS) and the Gagenliste deutscher Sprecher (GDS), as well as to meet the requirements of international voice artists and market conditions.
    Pricing depends on a number of factors and may vary. We will prepare an individual price quote for each individual case!
    All prices listed here are valid for recording studios, advertising agencies and other commercial resellers, where invoicing can carried out directly between the voice artist/service provider and the client. Prices do not include overhead/handling fees.
    Prices are based - among other criteria - on the recognition and market positioning of each voice artist and are no reflection of their professional quality. Basic price information for individual voice artists can be found in their profile at https://brilliantvoice.com. In some cases, voice artists reserve the right to determine individual prices.

    We will gladly provide individual consultations. Package prices for regularly recurring bookings, for larger recording projects and campaigns are available on request. Final prices are determined based on the length of text, choice of voice artist, and brand name of the originating client, as well as usage rights (time period, media, geographical).
    Studio costs are not included. Several German-language voice artists offer certain recordings (e.g. local commercial spots) from their personal studios at no additional charge (upload of the edited audio file / data transfer via ISDN / IP).
    A completed recording is presumed to be accepted by the originating client at the end of the studio session. The desired pronunciation and inflection must be provided prior to the recording. We recommend that a representative of the originating client monitor the recording session in progress via telephone/Skype or in person. Any later changes/alterations must be charged extra.

    The most decisive aspect in determining our prices are the usage rights.
    Active usage (commercial spots) generally means that a spot/image film will be placed for a fee to reach a passive audience (broadcast, cinema, etc.). This may occur as a commercial booking, AutoPlay, PreRoll, Push, sponsored content, etc. In addition, spots or videos posted as elements of Internet campaigns will be charged as active usage (commercial spots).
    Passive usage is defined as spots or image films simply posted in the Internet (customer websites, YouTube, facebook, etc.) that require an additional click to start.

    All prices are valid for only one edited version. If a second edited version is prepared using the original recording, an additional fee is required.


    per voice talent per booking

    Preisindex Preise 2017
    External studio 100 €

    PASSIVE USAGE, Indefinite time period

    No usage as advertising (TV, radio, cinema, stadium, POS, etc. or as PreRoll/AutoPlay/Push embedded Internet advertising).
    1 minute = 900 characters incl. spaces (approx. 120 – 140 words).

    Abbreviations for words that must be spoken (i.e., e.g., etc.) or numerals (1,884) must be spelled as words.

    SMEs (MITTELSTAND): Companies with fewer than 250 employees and less than €50 million in annual revenues, as well as NPOs (Non-profit organizations).


    Preisindex Preise 2017
    BRAND NAME   Image film / Explanatory film / Trade Fair video / Corporate film / Product film / App

    Prices are quoted per film.

    Usage: Complete Internet (Homepage and linked pages, video portals, social media, etc.), for presentations, DVDs, convention openings & apps.

    Lip-synch recording: additional 50-100%
    Up to 2 minutes of text 350 €
    Up to 5 minutes of text 500 €
    Each additional 5 minutes 100 €
    Up to 2 minutes of text 300 €
    Up to 5 minutes of text 400 €
    Each additional 5 minutes 100 €

    eLearning / Training film / Audio guide / Podcast /Internal (w/out video or timecode)

    Preisindex Preise 2017
    Up to 2 minutes of text 250 €

    (w/out video or timecode)

    Usage eLearning / Training film: internal, Intranet, closed user group, employee training
    Usage Audio Guide: in museums or audio stations / tourism
    Usage podcast: For Internet download / streaming. Valid for repeated editorial content.

    Up to 5 minutes of text 300 €
    Each additional 5 minutes 60 €
    eLEARNING Package Price per minute of audio (for eLearning modules over 30 minutes) 25 €

    eLEARNING Package Price: Voice artist, studio incl. recording, clean edit into individual files, upload.

    For eLearning modules over 30 minutes.
    Max. 5 files per minute on average. Valid for selected studios based on the delivered text. The price consists of 50% voice artist fee and 50% studio services and begins at the first minute of recording.


    Preisindex Preise 2017
    TELEPHONE Brand Name   Usage fees are valid for one end user.

    For telephone messages, the maximum module length is 450 characters including spaces (approx. 30 sec.). A module with 1,000 characters would therefore be charged as three. If more than one content element is included in a call queue, each element is considered a separate module. Prices for large orders, interactive dialogues or IVR-/Interactive Voice Response-Systems available on request.
    1 module 200 €
    3 modules 250 €
    Each additional module 50 €
    1 module 80 €
    3 modules 150 €
    Each additional module 50 €


    Preisindex Preise 2017
    1st hour of recording 150 € Smaller roles; larger roles on request.
    Prices are based on studio recording time.
    The first hour is charged in full, thereafter each additional ½ hour.
    Each additional 30 minutes 75 €


    no public release

    Preisindex Preise 2017
    Layout per subject/theme Moodfilm/TV Animatic/TV Narrative 250 €

     Up to 3 minutes of text

    Session Fee – 1st hour 600 €
    Each additional 30 minutes 300 €

    ACTIVE USAGE (COMMERCIAL SPOTS), Usage rights: 1 year

    INTERNET incl. bookings

    Preisindex Preise 2017

    Inhabitants per booked region with Geo-Targeting or alternative: Pricing based on actual booking (Ad impressions / views / clicks.


    DACH (DE+AT+CH) 1100 € DACH = Germany+Austria+Switzerland.

    national (up to 100 million inhabitants) 600 €  
    regio (up to 20 million inhabitants) 500 €

    or up to 10 million play opportunities

    city plus (up to 10 million inhabitants) 350 €

    or up to 5 million play opportunities

    city (up to 5 million inhabitants) 250 €

    or up to 1 million play opportunities

    city light (up to 2.5 million inhabitants) 175 €

    or up to 500,000 play opportunities

    local (up to 1 million inhabitants) 120 € or up to 100,000 play opportunities


    Preisindex Preise 2017

    Inhabitants per broadcast coverage area

    Alternative: Pricing is based on daily listeners (total Mon-Fri). The Brilliant Voice® Radio price calculator can be found here: https://brilliantvoice.com under Prices.

    DACH (DE+AT+CH) 800 €


    national (up to 100 million inhabitants) 450 € 1 Country
    regio (up to 20 million inhabitants) 300 € 1 Country or region.
    city plus (up to 10 million inhabitants) 175 €

    or up to 1 million listeners

    city (up to 5 million inhabitants) 120 €

    or up to 500,000 listeners

    city light (up to 2.5 million inhabitants) 90 €
    Bitte beachten Sie den Mindestpreis je Buchung des Sprechers.

    or up to 250,000 listeners

    local (up to 1 million inhabitants) 60 €
    Bitte beachten Sie den Mindestpreis je Buchung des Sprechers.

    or up to 150,000 listeners

    TV or CINEMA or OUT OF HOME or STADIUM, etc.

    Preisindex Preise 2017
    DACH (Germany + Austria + Switzerland) 1100 € TV: Inhabitants per broadcast coverage area

    Cinema: max. annual seats sold per theater

    Niche broadcaster national: e.g. n-tv or N24 only
    national (up to 100 million) 600 €
    Niche broadcaster national 375 €
    regio (up to 20 million) 500 €
    city plus (up to 10 million) 300 €
    city (up to 5 million) 150 €
    city light (up to 2.5 million) 120 €
    local (up to 1 million) 60 €
    Bitte beachten Sie den Mindestpreis je Buchung des Sprechers.

    Local retailer Riders/Tag-ons (for 1 spot)

    Preisindex Preise 2017
    1st Rider/Tag-on 60 €
    Bitte beachten Sie den Mindestpreis je Buchung des Sprechers.
    per additional Rider/Tag-on 40 €

    POS with video

    Preisindex Preise 2017
    Per country (up to 100 million inhabitants) 300 € up to 5 minutes


    Preisindex Preise 2017

    Usage: 1 year


    based on the initial medium named in each price range

    Radio+Internet spot 145 %

     Radio and Internet usage (w/out video).

    TV+Internet spot passive 150 - 250 %

    TV usage and passive (w/out booking) Internet usage.

    150 % for DACH to city plus
    250% for city to local
    Cinema+Internet spot passive 150 - 250 %

    Cinema usage and passive (w/out booking) Internet usage.

    150 % for DACH to city plus
    250% for city to local

    based on the price of the initial medium; or Internet
    1 spot incl. up to 3 cut-downs + possible video edits (no radio).

    RADIO SPOT plus 250 %

    Exclusively for radio use

    TV-SPOT plus 265 %

    Exclusively for TV use

    INTERNET-SPOT plus 265 %

    Exclusively for Internet use

    TV-INTERNET-SPOT plus 350 %

    TV + Internet + Trade Fairs + POS.

    ALL MEDIA-SPOT plus 500 %

    For use in all media

    GENERAL (Buyouts, etc.)

    Preisindex Preise 2017
    Cut-Down/following year/additional medium 100 %
    Indefinite time period 300 %
    Patronage/Sponsoring (with up to 4 elements) wie Spot / as a spot
    Spot & Reminder 150 %
    Spot & Rider/Tag-On 150 %
    Reminder/Claim/single Rider/Tag-On wie Spot / as a spot

    Geographical Buyouts

    Preisindex Preise 2017
    Unlimited geographical usage  
    English 2500 %

     (based on national price)

    Arabic/Chinese/French/ Portuguese/Russian/Spanish 800 %
    German and all other languages 400 %
    Limited geographical usage in  
    Europe 500 % (based on national price)
    EU, USA or China 300 %
    Russia or Japan 200 %


    The following prices are suggested recommendations by Brilliant Voice® based on professional experience. Actual voice artist prices may vary. We will gladly prepare an individual price quote.

    TV narration / content

    Preisindex Preise 2017
    Off per net broadcast minute 8 - 15 €
    Bitte beachten Sie den Mindestpreis je Buchung des Sprechers.

    Pricing is based on the length of the broadcast and charged according to the number of net broadcast minutes (i.e. without commercial breaks). Valid for editorial/non-commercial content.

    Worldwide usage rights for all media. No use for advertising purposes (TV, radio, cinema, stadium, POS or as PreRoll/AutoPlay embedded Internet advertising).

    Actualities/Voice-over/Individual reports - Per net broadcast minute 50-70% der Off-Gage
    Bitte beachten Sie den Mindestpreis je Buchung des Sprechers.


    Preisindex Preise 2017
    Basic fee / Show-up fee min. 60 €
    Bitte beachten Sie den Mindestpreis je Buchung des Sprechers.
    Fee per take min. 3 €

    1 Take: ø length 6 sec. for ø 12 words


    Preisindex Preise 2017
    Per hour of audio 300 - 700 €

    Depending on the voice artist and topic one hour of audio equals approx. 54,000 characters including spaces. Added to the price per hour of audio is a 2% share of the product’s suggested retail price (Händlerabgabepreis - HAP).

    Directing, studio and production costs are not included.



    Preisindex Preise 2017
    Per each hour begun 140 - 210 € Für Aufnahmen fällt grundsätzlich Studiomiete an. Einige deutsche Sprecher bieten die Aufnahme (Upload der unbearbeiteten Datei) bzw. Übertragung (ISDN/IP) von Werbespots ohne Studiokosten an. Höhere Raten für Zusatzleistungen sind möglich. Unsere Partnerstudios rechnen ab der 2. Stunde in der Regel halbstündlich ab.


    Preisindex Preise 2017
    Per standard line (55 characters incl. spaces) 1,50 - 3,50 € Gute Übersetzungen führen zu guten Audio-Produkten – daher empfehlen wir die Übersetzung durch unsere Profis für gesprochene Texte.
    Minimum price 100 €


    Preisindex Preise 2017
    Per each hour begun 80 € Diese Gage wird berechnet, sollte der angelieferte Text einer Bearbeitung bedürfen, die über eine Bearbeitungszeit von 15 Minuten hinausgeht. In der Regel werden wir Sie vorab informieren. Eine Bearbeitung kann notwendig sein, wenn nur eine Roh-Übersetzung vorliegt, der Text nicht für das Einsprechen geeignet oder fehlerhaft ist oder zeitlich nicht auf das Bild passt.


    Preisindex Preise 2017
    up to a maximum of 30 days after the original recording 50 %

    Änderungen sind bis max. 30 Tage nach dem ursprünglichen Aufnahmetermin buchbar.

    Fließtexte: Werden ursprünglich 10 Minuten gebucht, müssen aber nur 5 Minuten geändert werden (erneut einzusprechender Text), wird die Hälfte des 5-Minuten- Preises berechnet.

    Spots: Eine Änderung liegt vor, wenn ein (geringfügiger) Fehler geändert werden muss. Der Spot darf noch nicht oder nur sehr kurz gelaufen sein.

    Berechnet wird immer mindestens der Mindestpreis des Sprechers je Buchung.


    Preisindex Preise 2017
    Up to 48 hours prior to recording 0% Ein Ausfallhonorar wird fällig, wenn ein fest gebuchter Aufnahmetermin werktags (Montag bis Freitag) weniger als 48 Stunden vor der Aufnahme abgesagt wird. Die Prozentangaben beziehen sich auf den vereinbarten Preis. Ist noch kein konkreter Preis ausgemacht, ist mindestens ein Layout abzurechnen. Ein Ausfallhonorar wird auch für das Studio berechnet.
    Less than 24 hours prior to recording 30 %
    Up to 24 hours prior to recording 100 %

    Definitions & Conditions


    All prices (except reminders, riders/tag-ons and claims, etc.) are based on one individual spot subject with a maximum length of 60 seconds in one medium. Prices for longer spots on request.

    If a spot - or a portion of a spot (Cut-Down) is used in a new spot or additional medium or for an additional time period, the appropriate price will be charged. (see Usage rights).

    Prices depend in most cases on the overall coverage area involved. Usually this is the number of inhabitants in a geographical region for which the spot is booked.

    Depending on their size, countries are charged in accordance with the national price range (up to 100 million inhabitants) or the regio rate (up to 20 million inhabitants). Each country is charged individually. The local to city plus rates are valid for proportionate segments of a country. DACH is made up of Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

    Countries with more than 100 million inhabitants on request. In some cases, geographical buyouts are an option.

    The Coverage Area (also known as Reach) can be determined for different media by a variety of means:


    • Using Geo-Targeting a spot can be booked for the Internet only for users in a given geographical region (similar to TV or radio).
    • Alternatively, billing can be based on a specific booking (Ad Impressions/views/clicks). If a spot is played - or partially played for the user of a service (such as on YouTube) this is referred to as a play opportunity.

    TV: The number of inhabitants in a region in which the spot is to be played (broadcast coverage area).

    Cinema: The maximum number of annual saleable seats in a movie theater (IVW).


    • The number of inhabitants in a region in which the spot is to be played (broadcast coverage area).
    • Alternatively, pricing can be based on daily listeners (total Mon-Fri). The Brilliant Voice® Radio price calculator can be found here: https://brilliantvoice.com under Prices. Here you will find the rates for a large number of radio stations and marketing combinations listed. In preparing the list, we have also considered past performance and developments to avoid any sudden, unexpected rate changes.

    Special pricing is available if it a spot aimed at a limited target audience can only be aired in a broadcast coverage area that is incapable of being made smaller by localizing commercial breaks geographically or according to broadcast frequency.


    • A spot for a bakery located in Frankfurt that is broadcast throughout the state of Hesse will not attract bakery customers from distant cities. In this case, special arrangements may be made.
    • However, a spot for a major event held in Frankfurt can very well attract visitors from throughout the state.

    Streamed content (Internet radio) does not constitute an additional medium, but rather a different type of receiving device. Spots aired on a radio station that also streams its programming are only counted as radio spots.

    ADVERTISING - Key terms from A-Z

    Buyouts: see Usage rights

    Cell phone advertising: see Internet spots

    Claim: This refers to the close of the spot in which a slogan or product brand name or sales message is stressed. (e.g. “Nothing is impossible: Toyota”). A claim is an element of the spot.
    If the claim is changed or used in another spot, an additional usage fee must be paid.

    Cut-Down: If a portion of an existing spot is used in the production of a new spot with another subject / theme, an additional usage fee must be paid.

    Display messages are changes in the video and are charged as Cut-Downs.

    Geographical Buyouts: % factors are based on the national price in each case. For geographically unlimited usage, the individual language is the basis for determining the maximum % factor, e.g. a German-language spot factor is a maximum of 400%. For global brand claims („Volkswagen – Das Auto“) or English-language spots, the spot price is the same as for English.

    Internet: If a spot is to be booked in the Internet (usage as PreRoll/AutoPlay/Push, embedded Internet advertising) the appropriate price will be charged. Usage is generally limited to one year. Image complete is the appropriate spot price for passive Internet usage (w/out booking, indefinite time period, no major campaign Internet pages).

    In-store radio: For radio programming broadcast only in-store. Prices based on pre-arrangement.

    Layout: A paid commissioned Layout recording may be used for presentations and market testing, but not for public release. In case of additional usage, the difference between the Layout fee and commercial spot price will be charged. Should the price for commercial spot including usage rights be lower than the Layout, no reimbursement will be made. A Layout fee can only be charged once. A Layout fee will be charged for each different text version. No charge will be made for minor text alterations (change in word order, changes for timing purposes without changing the text meaning, etc.).

    Examples of text versions subject to additional charge:
    "Everything you need to know, you'll now find in the new issue of Men's Health" Alternative: “Starting today, Men's Health will tell you everything you need to know. New: Men's Health"
    Alternative: "In the new Men's Health you'll learn everything you need to know. On sale now."

    Examples of text versions without additional charge:
    "Everything you need to know, you'll now find in the new issue of Men's Health" Doesn't "need" sound too strong?
    "Everything you want to know, you'll now find in the new issue of Men's Health"

    Layout in local rate regions: A 50% Layout surcharge will be added for the segment „city plus“ and is charged only once when determining the usage fee. A 70% Layout surcharge will be added for the segment „city & city light“ and is charged only once when determining the usage fee. Layouts for local spots are valued at 100% regardless if the spot is actually aired locally in the first year after recording or not.

    Out of Home is charged as a TV spot and refers to advertising visible in public areas. In most cases, it refers to poster or billboard advertising but may also include audio or video elements, such as in train stations or airports. Out of Home advertising also includes taxis and public transportation. Advertising in stadiums or at POS (Point of Sale) are charged separately. In most cases, the rates for DACH, national and regio apply.

    PACKAGES: The % factor is based on the price of the initially named medium in the desired price range. For ALL MEDIA-SPOT plus the % factor refers to the INTERNET rate. Usage among different rates is not available. No geographical limitations are considered for the passive usage of Internet spots.

    RADIO-INTERNET-SPOT: If a radio station streams its program live and unchanged via the Internet, this does not constitute an additional medium, but rather a different type of receiving device and spots aired are only counted as radio spots. If a spot is to be booked at another time or in another form, e.g. as PreRoll prior to streaming start or as a pre-spot or interrupter spot on music platforms (e.g. Spotify, etc.) or as recordable content (i.e. downloadable podcasts), a new and unique usage fee will be charged. The RADIO-INTERNET- SPOT package includes booking as PreRoll, music platforms and podcasts in addition to usage rights for live streaming. Usage rights for a variety of different edits are NOT included, however. Usage of the radio spot with video or in conjunction with animated image banners will be charged separately as Internet spots.

    TV-INTERNET-SPOT: Usage rights for one spot subject / theme are included as well as passive Internet use (w/out booking). No usage rights as PreRoll/AutoPlay/Push or embedded Internet advertising are included. It may be advisable to book the passive Internet Image Complete package (indefinite usage period) in addition to TV spot usage rights (1 year).

    CINEMA-INTERNET-SPOT: Usage rights for one spot subject / theme are included for cinema as well as passive Internet use (w/out booking). No usage rights as PreRoll/AutoPlay/Push or embedded Internet advertising are included. It may be advisable to book the passive Internet Image Complete package (unlimited usage period) in addition to cinema spot usage rights (1 year).

    Plus Packages: An alternative to individual charges for usage fees, Cut-Downs and edited versions is the opportunity to pre-book a usage rights package. In each case, this includes:

    • 1 spot / main subject or theme
    • including up to 3 Cut-Downs (e.g a 30 sec. main spot plus Cut-Downs of 25 sec., 20 sec., 10 sec., etc.)
    • including possible image alterations, (except Radio Spot Plus) such as extra banner displays (“New and improved!” "For the World Cup only", etc.). Valid for one year after booking of the first version for a given state.

    Prerequisite for all packages is that the original content remains unchanged (e.g. no new or different products are presented in the altered images). The package solely offers the opportunity to book a variety of spot lengths with minor image adjustments. Usage validity for the various spots begins with the first booking of any version and is limited to a period of one year. A classic Layout will be charged per package booking for spots recorded on a Session Fee basis, such as a Plus Package booking. All Plus Package versions can also be used in the following year on an individual basis (for example a 20 sec. version). In such cases, classic usage rights will be charged, as before.

    POS (Point of Sale): Commercial spots or videos that are shown in-store on video displays.

    Reminder: These are brief spots aired late in a block of commercial spots to remind audiences of the main spot's message. The purpose of a reminder is to reinforce the primary selling point, otherwise it is considered a separate spot. Reminder fees are generally charged only in combination with the main spot (both for production and for broadcast). Reminders that are aired within a block of commercial spots without the main spot (or can be aired independently based on the text) will be charged regular spot rates! If a Reminder's length is roughly equal to that of the main spot, it will be considered a new spot and charged regular spot rates. The definition of Reminder is also valid for so-called Pre-minders (also known as Tandem Spots), a form of Teaser for the main spot. Example: "Still haven't bought any Christmas presents? XYZ Store is the place to go! More details in just a few moments. / Stay tuned for more!"

    Re-use rights: If the spoken audio from an already broadcast spot (regardless of medium) is re-used in another commercial spot within the first year usage rights were granted (without requiring the voice artist to re-record), an additional usage fee must be paid in accordance with the associated medium (radio, TV, cinema, Internet, POS, etc.). Usage rights are granted for one year following the initial broadcast/release, as usual. If an existing spot is changed (cut down, re-edited or mixed with alternative packaging elements) or a new Off text or Tag-on is added, it is considered to be a new spot. Even if these changes are made within the first year following initial broadcast/release, an additional usage fee must be paid in accordance with the associated medium (radio, TV, cinema, Internet, POS, etc.). Usage rights are then granted for one additional year following the initial broadcast/release.

    Riders (radio riders / local retailer riders/tag-ons): These are the names of local retailers where a product can be purchased that are added to the end of a pre-produced spot. If a rider is added to several spots, a usage fee must be paid for each rider. If no pre-produced spot is identified, the usage fee for a new spot must be paid. The voice artist for the basic spot receives the normal spot price (generally national), but no additional rider fee. If the same voice artist speaks both the basic spot and the rider, both usage fees are included in the basic spot price.

    Session Fee: As an alternative to individual Layouts, a flat Session Fee can be booked. Bookable in advance, the voice artist will be available in the studio for one hour to work with the client's marketing / creative team in preparing and recording the final spot text. During this time a number of text versions for one campaign for one product can be produced. Accompanying texts for internal use (e.g. Case films, Making Ofs, Board presentations, etc.) can also be recorded within this framework. After 60 minutes, a new increment of 30 minutes begins. The price is independent on the number of versions spoken. Usage rights for individual spots from a single Session Fee are based on the following:

    • The price for the public use of the first spot will be that of a classic Layout (to be deducted from the Session Fee). Each following publicly released spot will be charged per spot according to the Spot/Medium listing. If several spots from a single Session Fee are booked as a PLUS PACKAGE, for each usage package one classic Layout will be deducted. Annual fees for new usage agreements for new subjects / themes, other products, a new medium, etc. will be charged in accordance with the valid price list.

    Sponsorings (Patronage) with up to four elements (e.g. "...is presented by... / will continue right after this... / ...now, back to ... / ...has been presented by...) are considered as standard spots for usage fees.

    Tag-On is a brief tag that is broadcast with the main spot to promote a special event or activity for a limited period of time. (e.g. "20% more contents for a limited time only“). If a Tag-On is booked together with the main spot, it is treated as a Reminder (50% surcharge). If the Tag-On is booked separately, it is considered to be a new spot.

    Time variants: Up to three time variants (e.g. Saturday, tomorrow, today) are included in the price of a commercial spot if the spot runs for a maximum of 14 days. For spots with a longer running time, a 50% surcharge will be added. The price includes a maximum of two instances in the spot for time variants. Aside from the variants, no further changes to the spot are permitted. The time variants must be able to be spoken one after another when recording.

    Usage rights/Buyouts: Usage rights are generally granted for one year following the initial broadcast/release. If the initial broadcast/release date is unknown, rights are granted from the recording date. If a portion of a spot is re-used for another spot, an additional usage fee must be paid. In this case, the usage fee is synonymous with the spot price.


    Note on cost calculation

    Should a number of different % factors be taken into account (e.g. unlimited number of Cut-Downs or indefinite usage period), the percentages / prices will always be multiplied!


    The term refers to everything that is transmitted or booked. This generally refers to any advertising means for which money is paid, such as commercial spots for radio, TV, cinema, stadium, POS, Out of Home or Internet.

    Internet advertising: if a video clip or film is booked for an Internet site, it is considered to be advertising.
    Internet booking can mean:

    • PreRoll / upstream advertising: A spot is booked to play prior to accessing the desired content. In some cases, the spot can be skipped after a few seconds.
    • AutoPlay: Advertising content / commercial spot begins playing automatically.
    • Embedded advertising in links: Regardless if the spot plays automatically or not, this is considered to be booked advertising.
    • Push: It is possible to book sponsored content on facebook, for example. This is referred to as a Push ad.

    Delivery format - Continuous flow text

    For cases in which clients are not themselves recording a studio session (e.g. via ISDN or IP data transmission or on site), our studios will generally send the recorded audio files as rough cut edits in WAV format (48 kHz, 16 Bit, mono). Other common formats, such as aiff, mp3, etc. are, of course, possible, as is sound shaping (EQ), if desired.

    Definition of edits

    Rough cut: Obvious mistakes by the voice artist are edited out. Clients may also require some form of sound shaping (EQ). One single file of the entire recording is delivered to the client.

    • One voice track: Standard delivery form. No specific requirements concerning the length of the spoken text have to be met.
    • Audio matches video: The delivered recording can be immediately added to a video track. For this, the client requires a reference video track (SMPTE timecode).
    • Lip-sync: Lip-synch recording requires an appropriately prepared text that has been written to approximate on-screen lip movements. Lip-synch recordings usually require more studio time to ensure a perfect match between audio and video.
    • Individual files: The finished recording is edited into individual sub-files prior to delivery to the client. The text should be provided as an Excel file divided into columns (File name / timecode / spoken text / additional directions or pronunciation tips).

    Fine cut: In addition to eliminating obvious mistakes, breaths or other natural sounds (clicks, rasps, snaps in the voicing) are edited out. In some cases this is necessary for timing purposes or when extraneous noises are too audible. Details concerning fine cut editing should be clarified individually.
    One single file of the entire recording is delivered to the client.
    The following edit forms are also available in Fine cut:

    • Individual files
    • Audio matches video
    • One voice track

    The Fine Print

    All listed prices are non-binding and subject to modification, error or omission. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed, the prices and conditions noted in this Price List are automatically valid, based on the applicable Brilliant Voice® General Terms and Conditions.

    Additional services available on request. All prices are rounded to the nearest € 5 increment. All prices are quoted in Euro. Legally applicable VAT of the service provider is listed separately. Usage rights are granted only after the agreed fee is paid in full.

    Limited usage rights (generally granted for one year) begin on the day the recording is completed unless Brilliant Voice® is notified not later than 10 days after the initial broadcast/release of the recording. The responsibility of the rights user to notify Brilliant Voice® of any extension of the agreed upon usage period remains unaffected.

    The commissioning client is obligated to notify Brilliant Voice® of any usage of a recording beyond the agreed upon medium or time period, as well as any edited versions of the same. Infringements may have legal consequences. Additionally, the commissioning client is obliged to inform his/her client(s) which specific usage rights have been obtained, as well as the subsequent legal parameters.

    As a rule, Brilliant Voice® invoices in the name of the service provider and does not make any contributions to the Künstlersozialversicherung on the voice artist's behalf. Should this be desired, the necessary invoicing can be arranged.

    Expenses for meals, travel and overnight costs are not included in the quoted prices.