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Brillanter Besuch: Torsten Eikmeier in Berlin


Schöner kann die Woche kaum beginnen: Torsten Eikmeier besuchte das Brilliant Voice® Team im Berliner Office und brachte ein bisschen Sonnenschein ins graue Montagswetter.
Der Mannheimer Sprecher ist bekannt durch nationale Kampagnen von u.a. KIA MOTORS, HUGO BOSS oder JIM BEAM - und bereits seit den frühesten Tagen Teil unserer Brilliant Voice® Familie!

Free of charge: Your personal Price List 2014

Dear Voice artist, 

Brilliant Voice® has a very personal relationship with each of the voice artists we represent. This means that we can only manage and market a limited number of professional voices.
Now, though, we have something to offer everyone to use throughout the year: Your own personal Price List 2014.

Download it here:
For German voice artists
For non-German voice artists
(For voice artists specializing in German plus an additional language, please download and use both)

You’ll find your Price List in German and English in the appropriate zip file. First, select your Index (A is less expensive than C, with the Index acting as a marketing indicator, not a reflection of voice quality). Then, choose the appropriate template and customize it:
All prices are matched to the market to avoid unnecessary negotiation (after all, you’re a pro and you’re selling an image – no matter how long you’ve been in the business).
This service is free and therefore probably unique. We’re glad to be able to make your life a little bit easier.
Feel free to share the template with other voice artists you know!
Important: Brilliant Voice® provides no guarantees for the accuracy, propriety or legal appropriateness of any terminology. Any use of the texts is entirely at your discretion.